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Reports and Working Papers

Prince, R and Msemburi, W. 2014. Has there been score (grade) inflation in the South African National Senior Certificate from 2009 to 2013? Working Paper: Centre for Educational Testing for Access and Placement (CETAP), Centre for Higher Educational Development (CHED), University of Cape Town (UCT).

Cliff, A. (2009) Performance of Monash SA students on the AARP tests of Mathematics Comprehension and Reasoning. Report prepared for Monash South Africa.

Cliff, A. et al (2009) Seventh annual report to the Health Sciences Consortium on the use of Health Sciences Placement Tests. Report to the HSC, December.

Cliff, A.F. et al (2009). Annual report prepared for the Abe Bailey Trust - 2008. AARP Research Report, Academic Development Programme.

Cliff, A.F., Visser, A. & Van der Ross, G. (2008). Report to Umalusi on analysis of test-items in selected Senior Certificate examination papers February 2008. AARP Research Report, Academic Development Programme.